Debt Collection Services

Why Debt Collection Services with a Debt Collection Attorney is Best

Debt collection is a time-consuming and stressful process. If you run a small company or don’t have the manpower to have people working on accounts receivable collection, your business could be losing a lot of money.

It can take a lot of sales to make up for even one bad debt, making it impossible for many companies to stay afloat.

Why take a chance on your business folding when you could have debt collections help, making it easy to get back the money you’re owed but that past clients won’t pay?

At Retrievables, we offer a platform that brings together businesses and lawyer debt collection services so you don’t have to waste time on debt collection, but you also don’t have to forgo what you’re owed.

We make getting what you’re owed simple.

Connect with experienced collections attorneys

Utilize the power of our attorneys and the court system

No upfront fees.Legal fees are a percentage of what is collected

Types of Debt Collection Services

We work with businesses in many industries as well as many departments to help you get the money you’re owed, including the following:


Any business that collects money in the USA likely has a climbing accounts receivable collection balance. Retreivables can help you reduce the accounts receivable, putting more money in your cash flow.


We work with many businesses, from small to large commercial operations, who need help collecting what they’re owed. 


You need a debt lawyer to file a judgment against someone who isn’t paying what they owe. Why waste time when you can have the judgment sent immediately after matching with a great debt collection attorney?

Legal Collections

Your business may have other legal steps they can take to get the money you’re owed. Consulting with a reputable lawyer debt collection services company will help you understand the steps you can take.

Benefits of Retrievables for your Accounts Receivable Collections

Why work with Retreivables? Here are just a few of the top reasons:

  • We connect you with an experienced debt collection attorney with no research or legwork necessary on your part. Why waste precious time finding someone to handle your collections when you can upload your invoice and have lawyer debt collection services compete for your business?
  • We don’t charge upfront fees. All fees are collected as a percentage of the amount collected. So you don’t have to worry about coming up with the capital upfront.
  • We vet any debt lawyer on our platform, so you don’t have to. We know there are less-than-reputable attorneys out there claiming to collect for you, but all they collect is the money you pay them. We don’t let that happen to you.

Find Attorney

Retrievables believes that employing a collections law firm is the most efficient and effective method to collect on past due invoices.


A debt lawyer has more options when recovering delinquent accounts. Usually, a debt collection attorney call is enough to get a delinquent client to pay their bill for fear of legal action being brought against them.

Almost any business can benefit from debt collection services, but the most common industries include banks, credit card companies, retail stores, and hospitals.

Retrievables has a large network of attorneys in the USA that we thoroughly vet to ensure they are a good fit for you. Finding a good debt collection attorney is hard, but our vetting process locates the best in the business for you.