Meet Retrievables

The company's mission is to help businesses recover money that is owed while securing new business for collections law firms.

Technology platform

Retrievables utilizes a technology platform to facilitate a marketplace where companies can post their delinquent accounts and collection law firms offer their services to collect money that is owed.

The platform is very easy to use, where companies can easily enter the information on each account which is then shared with our network of attorneys. Attorneys can view the accounts and make an offer on ones that are suitable to their practices and business models. Once an offer is accepted, Retrievables connects the two parties.

Our vision

Retrievables recognizes that across many industries, businesses do not employ the most effective or efficient methods to collect money, which is a hindrance on operations and growth.

Retrievables believes that employing a collections law firm is the most efficient and effective method to collect on past due invoices.

Law firms issue strong demand letters on behalf of their clients and firms can file suits, unlike any other collections outfit. In addition, collections law firms typically operate on a contingency fee basis (earn a percentage upon succeeding in the collection).