Debt collection in California

Uncover Retrievables, the top marketplace for connecting businesses with experienced debt collection attorneys in California.

Businesses must be able to collect payments from their customers and can suffer if they do not have the proper systems in place in order to collect. In-house efforts to collect can be time consuming, expensive and result in lost revenue.

When businesses in California are not able to collect, Retrievable is a great resource to find reputable collection attorneys in CA to help with debt collection.

The California collection attorneys on our platform understand what’s allowed in California when collecting a debt. In addition, California protects consumers from unfair practices, which is why using an attorney is key to getting proper service.

Commercial Debt Collection Services in California

Retrievables works with companies in all industries to help recover money that is owed.

Retrievables Solution

From Los Angeles, to San Francisco, to San Diego to Fresno, Retrievables is able to locate a collection attorney to work on collections matters. The company’s network of attorneys can pursue debtors by direct outreach and utilizing the court system in order to collect. If a judgment has already been obtained by a company, Retrievables’ network of attorneys can enforce the judgment and turn it into money.

The Process of Using Retrievables for Debt Collection in California

Working with Retrievables to get your collections paid is simple.

  • Enter information about debt on
  • Attorneys assess delinquent accounts and decide to take a case
  • Retrievables connects the business with the attorney
  • Businesses and attorneys begin communicating and working together to collect money owed.

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FAQ about Debt Collection Services in California

Why are collection lawyers in California more effective than collecting in-house or using collection agencies?

Letters from collections attorneys are more powerful than ones sent by businesses or agencies.

Which industries need debt collection in California?

Any business can benefit from debt collection services in California. Retrievables works with companies across all industries throughout the state.

How does Retrievables find the most suitable attorney?

Retrievables works with multiple lawyers practicing in California. Each attorney is vetted by the company and has many years of experience in collections. Retrievables’ marketplace allows for businesses to find an attorney who is capable of collecting on their behalf.


Debt collections in California can be cumbersome. With the help of lawyers, businesses have the best chance of recovering delinquent debt. Use Retrievables today to get the help your business needs.

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