3 Industries with the Greatest Challenges in Debt Collection

Updated July 21st 2023

3 Industries with the Greatest Challenges in Debt Collection

Companies today must ensure that they have enough cash on hand to meet daily expenses, pay employees and vendors. Unfortunately, many businesses are unable to collect money owed them by clients or customers — a situation which can be damaging to a company's bottom line. In this article we look at three industries that face unique debt-collection challenges and discover how using a marketplace like Retrievables can handle these situations more effectively and recover money that is owed.

Construction and Contracting

Construction industry debt collection

The construction and contracting industries encounter significant challenges in collecting outstanding payments. Non-payment can arise from project delays, contractual disputes, unexpected cost overruns, or insolvency of the client. Debt collection in this industry demands expertise in construction contract law and an understanding of the unique contractual relationships between contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and project owners.
By leveraging Retrievables' marketplace, construction and contracting businesses gain access to collections attorneys well-versed in construction law. These attorneys can navigate the complex legalities involved in debt collection, including filing mechanics' liens and pursuing legal remedies to recover unpaid invoices effectively.

Professional Services

Legal collections for service copmanies

Professionals in fields such as accounting, legal services, consultancy, and marketing often face challenges in collecting outstanding invoices. Service-based businesses typically operate on a time-based or milestone-based billing model, making it essential to have watertight contracts and clear payment terms to avoid payment disputes.
Retrievables marketplace provides access to collections attorneys who specialize in recovering outstanding payments for businesses and individuals. These attorneys can review contracts, assess the validity of claims, and employ legal strategies to collect unpaid invoices.

Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution

The manufacturing and wholesale distribution sectors face difficulties in debt collection due to the nature of their business models. Invoice payment terms can be extensive, ranging from 30 to 90 days, and sometimes even longer. Economic downturns, supply chain disruptions, and the risk of business failures within client organizations can further exacerbate the challenges faced in recovering outstanding debts.
Retrievables' marketplace connects manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies with collections attorneys equipped with industry-specific knowledge. These attorneys can employ targeted legal approaches to maximize the chances of debt recovery, ensuring that cash flow remains consistent and businesses can continue their operations smoothly.


Many industries encounter difficulties in securing payment for outstanding invoices. To address this issue, the Retrievables debt collection marketplace serves as an efficient remedy by facilitating connections between businesses and skilled collections attorneys. Among the top three sectors facing collections challenges are construction, professional services, and manufacturing and wholesale distribution, each presenting distinct complexities in debt recovery. Leveraging the expertise of collections attorneys who possess a deep understanding of these intricacies empowers businesses to recuperate outstanding debts more expediently, sustain a healthy cash flow, and concentrate on their core operations.

Updated July 21st 2023
Author: Brendan Gilbert

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